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Scrabble cheat – what tools will be helpful during a game?

Scrabble or Wordfeud are among the most popular word games in the world. And no wonder – the rules are simple and there are almost no limitations. We can play them regardless of age (then we only choose an appropriate level of vocabulary advancement), place and sets. Words from letters can even be formed on a piece of paper! In this article it will be revealed what is the scrabble cheat and useful tools which help you develop your skills of making new words based on a word.

Scrabble cheat – what is this game about?

In the 1990s, Scrabble entered living rooms, kitchens and even atriums. The game invented by an architect Alfred Butts absorbed us completely and is still an interesting alternative for spending time in a company. Many other word games have been created on its basis, and in every place in the world words are formed from letters by writing them on a piece of paper.

This game can give your grey matter a workout, relieve tension, kill time on a journey, or simply spend an evening with your loved ones. Children can also make words out of letters. By playing with the little ones in this way, you will ensure that their vocabulary expands, and they think outside the box. By using our Scrabble cheat tool you increase your chances to win any word game.

Scrabble cheat – how to arrange the letters?

In this game the best rule is… no rules! You can make new words out of letters any way you like by rearranging all the letters, reading them backwards (for example flow-wolf), using all the letters from the base word or just a couple of them. It’s important to define the rules at the beginning to avoid misunderstandings when playing with friends.

Scrabble can be played by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people. New words based on the letters are added to those already on the board. The winner is the player who scores the most points for each letter. The most desired are those short words, which can be added to the others, already arranged on the square board. Then you can score a lot of points without losing too many letters!

The basic version of the letter word game can also be played by one person if other person fails. Then just reach for a piece of paper, write down a word – for example BROADCAST or your own name – and start making new words out of them. Word generator or Scrabble cheat can help you find longest words and win.

Scrabble cheat – word generator will put them together!

Sometimes it is difficult to make a word from the letters you have. It may be a matter of a temporary mental incapacity or simply a collection of letters which are quite difficult to put together. Then clever tools, which are available for free on the web, can help. All this is about, for example, a word generator. It works like a search engine – just type the letters you have (the order is not important) and find all the words that can be created based on them.

Moreover, more advanced word search engines will also be helpful if you happen to become interested in anagrams. Not all words allow to create them, therefore if you have been wondering for a long time and it brings no results – check with the help of anagram, whether you have not chosen an exception to a rule with which nothing can be done!

The tools described above are not only hints, but also a good way to check the correctness of a created word and the possibility of its use in a game of Scrabble.

Words with the letters that are difficult to use!

No matter how skilled you are as a player, sometimes words made of letters that only appear in the English language are more complicated to arrange. In case of difficulties remember to use our Scrabble Cheat tool. This is, for example, about:

  • words including letter “j”,
  • words including letter „q”,
  • words including letter “x”,
  • words including letter “y”,
  • words including letter “z”.

Although at first it may not appear to be complicated to find words with the above letters, things look different during a fierce duel! This is when, for example, the Scrabble dictionary described earlier, or a letter word generator come to help.

We are happy to provide you with advice, so here are a few of our suggestions for words with letters that may be difficult to use.

Words including letter “j”:

  • objectification
  • prejudicialness
  • judiciousnesses
  • thermojunctions
  • juvenescence
  • straitjacketing
  • justification
  • adjournment
  • ejaculators
  • juxtaposition
  • jurisprudence
  • unjustifiable
  • nonjudgmentally
  • supermajority
  • extrajudicial
  • maladjustment
  • disjuncture
  • subjunctive
  • conjunctive
  • injudicious
  • crackerjack.

Words including letter “q”:

  • inequitable
  • racquetball
  • acquisitive
  • antiquarian
  • quicksilver
  • quadrennial
  • headquarter
  • quarterdeck
  • aquaculture
  • maquiladora
  • equidistant
  • quarrelsome
  • equivoque
  • liquidize
  • quillwork
  • exequatur
  • clinquant
  • quillback
  • quittance
  • squamosal
  • aquaplane
  • unique
  • square
  • equity
  • liquid
  • quartz
  • torque
  • plaque
  • liquor
  • quarry.

Words including letter “x”:

  • extraordinary
  • homosexuality
  • approximation
  • juxtaposition
  • extracellular
  • expeditionary
  • expressionism
  • inexhaustible
  • maxillofacial
  • contextualize
  • unexceptional
  • toxoplasmosis
  • intersexual
  • exclusivism
  • exclamatory
  • amoxycillin
  • cloxacillin
  • myxomatosis
  • expectorate
  • extraverted
  • carboxylase
  • externalism
  • explicative
  • axonometric
  • asphyxiate
  • unexampled
  • exocytosis
  • execration
  • overexpose
  • premaxilla
  • expectance
  • inexplicit
  • phototoxic.

Words including letter “y”:

  • uncomplimentary
  • oligodendrocyte
  • countercyclical
  • agranulocytosis
  • Corynebacterium
  • tetrahydrofuran
  • diphenhydramine
  • psychoacoustics
  • sympathomimetic
  • superheterodyne
  • cholestyramine
  • extrapyramidal
  • cyanocobalamin
  • hyperventilate
  • polynucleotide
  • phthalocyanine
  • hyperkeratosis
  • plethysmograph
  • psychodynamics
  • revolutionary
  • scrutiny
  • humanity
  • secondly
  • boundary
  • ideology
  • equality
  • autonomy
  • efficacy
  • warranty
  • simplify
  • sympathy
  • taxpayer
  • keyboard
  • daylight
  • symbolic
  • literacy
  • hydrogen
  • monopoly
  • severity
  • affinity
  • velocity
  • system
  • family
  • always
  • really
  • policy
  • likely
  • nearly
  • energy
  • simply
  • beyond
  • trying
  • county
  • supply
  • easily
  • anyone
  • saying
  • safety
  • agency
  • valley
  • twenty
  • survey.

Words including letter “z”:

  • rationalization
  • hospitalization
  • vascularization
  • professionalize
  • acclimatization
  • photoionization
  • intellectualize
  • mischaracterize
  • photosynthesize
  • departmentalize
  • deindustrialize
  • conventionalize
  • conservatize
  • diphthongize
  • disharmonize
  • reflectorize
  • remilitarize
  • spermatozoid
  • suberization
  • zooxanthella
  • zygopophysis
  • politicalize
  • laterization
  • dimerization
  • marginalize
  • accessorize
  • incentivize
  • modularized
  • metastasize
  • uncivilized
  • criminalize
  • prize-winner
  • systematize
  • zooplankton
  • externalize
  • nationalize
  • miniaturize
  • historicize
  • hydralazine
  • totalizator
  • regionalize
  • immortalize
  • demobilize
  • secularize
  • traumatize
  • caramelize
  • radicalize
  • scandalize
  • federalize
  • volatilize
  • burglarize
  • plagiarize
  • pasteurize
  • militarize
  • quizmaster
  • allegorize
  • relativize.

As you can see, even words from objectively… sophisticated letters 🙂 can be easily found. If you have a problem with that, the Internet will help. It is worth mentioning that the word generator is not limited to the English language – with help of Scrabble cheat you can create words from letters in any other language. It is also a good way to learn foreign languages!