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Scrabble Dictionary Online – what is it and how to use it?

Back in the 1990s, Scrabble was an extremely popular game. Drawing letters from a velour bag and rearranging them to form words was overly exciting and brought a flush on player’s cheeks. Despite the passage of years nothing has changed in this regard. Scrabble has had many versions such as Letter Solver. What’s more, apart from board games, there are also tools on the Internet, which help improving our skills needed to become a real word master! We are thinking, among others, of the Scrabble dictionary online. What is it and how to use it? Let’s check it out!

Scrabble Dictionary Online – game history and information about the tool

Probably everyone knows what the game of Scrabble looks like and what it is about. It was invented in 1931 by an unemployed architect, Alfred Butts. Interestingly, one of the most popular word games in the world had initially failed to attract the interest of any of the major board game manufacturers – they all found it too boring. Consequently, it was produced by the inventor himself and a retired civil servant, James Brunot, with their own hands in their garage. The men made two hundred copies a week. Today it is one of the most popular word games in the world.

Scrabble can be played by 2 to 4 people. They draw tiles with letters; there are 100 tiles, 98 of which bear letters, and two of them are so called blanks, which can be any letter missing to form a word. Each word must use at least one letter which is already on the board. Satisfaction from adding more words is guaranteed!

Over the years and with the advancement of technology, many useful tools have been developed online; these allow us to improve our skills in this verbal discipline. We have in mind, for example, the Scrabble dictionary online. It’s a clever and quite easy to use application, which will let us check if the word we’ve made up is allowed in the game and will award us with bonus points. But that’s not all the wonderful things it offers!

Scrabble Dictionary Online – how does it work?

If you are not yet familiar with this wonderful thing, it is time to catch up. Especially if you’re preparing for another interesting verbal duel with your friends! The current official dictionary for Scrabble is Merriam-Webster’s Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, Fifth Edition, published August 6, 2014. Its contents have changed many times due to its “living nature”. The Scrabble dictionary online, which can easily be found on the net, makes it possible to quickly check whether the word that had been added will provide you with further valuable points or will rather be rejected by the fellow players. What’s more! It also allows to see what words can be formed from the letters you have! This is not only a big advantage, but also an opportunity to constantly improve your skills and expand your vocabulary. It is priceless during a Scrabble duel.

The English Scrabble dictionary online is a useful aid when you are trying to limit yourself to your native language only. More advanced players, or those looking for a thrill, may reach for the Hungarian version, for example! The Scrabble dictionary online will then be doubly useful – at least at the beginning, when you’re getting to know a new aspect of this well-known game.

The Scrabble dictionary online (online application) works as a search engine. You can just simply type in the word you’ve created based on the letters you have and see if you can count on extra points! It is as simple as ABC, isn’t it?

Scrabble Dictionary Letter Solver – how to make more of it?

The mentioned above application will prove useful not only while playing Letter Solver or Scrabble. Thanks to it, you can also focus on expanding your vocabulary and ensure proper exercise (even unaccompanied!), or carefully analyse your moves during a previous game.

The Scrabble dictionary online is designed to meet a range of user expectations. Depending on which online dictionary you decide to use, you will not only be able to look up a word you have made up, but also to use the words provided by the program. What’s more, this clever device can be filtered to look for words with a specific letter from those you have or those you want to “hook” to the board. You can also easily set the length of a word. And although it really sounds like an advanced activity – the best part is left for the end!

Some dictionaries for Scrabble players have a built-in tutor module. It allows you to ensure daily practice without having to ask family members or friends for a game. If that wasn’t enough, the learning process also includes a game analyser that allows you to track your previous game history, see how many chances you’ve missed to get the perfect word and how many points you’ve missed! Frustrating, but allows you to improve your skills.

Scrabble Dictionary – summary

The Scrabble dictionary online was described in detail above. We now know that this dictionary will come in handy when playing Letter Solver and other popular word puzzle games. Although the use of the online dictionary is simple, its functions can become even more sophisticated. And what can you gain from it?

  • You will find several possibilities of words that you can arrange based on the letters you have.
  • Using the filter, we will narrow the search to words with a specific number of letters.
  • You can select what letter the searched word should start with and what letters it should have in the middle so you will be able to link to words that already exist on the board.
  • The Scrabble dictionary online will make it possible to practice without inhibitions – at any time of day or night, without asking friends for a company!
  • Analyzer is our way of tracing the previous game – think about every move, draw conclusions, and grow with the next games!
  • The English Scrabble dictionary online is a great support for those who arrange words in their native language.
  • It is also about learning new words, enriching vocabulary, and continuous learning in a pleasant and easy way!

The tools described, which can be found on the net, are usually based on the Official English Scrabble Dictionary online. Due to it, you can be sure to receive reliable information and that the words made by you can be used during the game. Now then, are you ready for a thrilling game?