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Every Scrabblist must have his first time. Most often it is not easy – because a chance to win with the more experienced opponent is small. That does not mean that we should get discouraged. The road to success is long, but learning more secrets of the game makes it so much fun, that it is worth giving a chance. Although nothing can replace a game with a real opponent; at the beginning, its worth to learn a few tips repeated by more experienced players. For those players we recommend to use Scrabble dictionary and online word generators. Maybe they won’t let you avoid some initial failures, but they will make arranging words out of letters in Scrabbles or any other word game, a little easier. Are you ready for the 6 most common errors, which , not just the beginners commit? Here is our list!

1. Do not put simple verbs from Scrabble dictionary in the middle of the board

The easiest of all parts of speech is to add plates right into verbs. If you put the word “DO” in the middle of the board, be aware, that the opponent can easily add letters to it. He has many opportunities and do not need to use Scrabble dictionary for it! In front, he can add the prefixes – z, after, in, you, roz, through,ob,etc ( in polish – z, w, za, wy, roz, po, prze, ob, etc. ). At the end , the endings characteristic for individual modes, types, and numbers. So from the word “do” it quickly can arise new words like “ it did”, “ it did it, (in polish “zrobi”, “zrobił”, “zrobiła”, “zrobiłaby”, “rozrobiłaby”, “rozrobiłabyś”). In Scrabbles, he who adds the letters to the already existing word, he gains. That is why, it is safer to arrange words to which its much harder to add letters (the words that work greatly here are: ugly, sour, joyfully). If you really want to try to use a verb, make sure that there is no possibility of adding more letters to it, on at least one letter of the side of the word, because of how the words are arranged or the proximity of the edge of the board. If you not sure if the word you arraning exist simply check it via online Scrabble dictionary.

2. Don’t risk using words you don’t know. Check it in Scrabble dictionary

There is a lot to gain from surprising the opponent with a word he doesn’t know. This really is a good move, because, not enough that he will be afraid of adding tiles, undesirable variations of the word, then, in case, if he decided to check you, he will loose his turn. So much then, you must be sure that the word is allowed in the Scrabble disctionary dedicated for the game. The Scrabble dictionary is not allowing some of the most natural ones, it seems, words even. In case, it turns out that the word is not in the database , either in an alive or literary game, you have to remove the tiles from the board. Not only you loose the move, but also you risk in changing the strategy. This can make much more difficult to win.

3. Do not allow your opponent to use the triple word bonuses

Triple letter bonuses are the most delicious morsel on the board. Using them may decide the fate of the game. Even a simple word “ badly” arranged in such a field may bring the player until 36 points .That’s why the basic rule is not to allow the opponent to gain or at least limitate the opportumity to the point that he would have to be satisfied only with “ double letter”. Even better it is to arrange by yourself – even, if you don’t see the opportunity of effective usage of the bonus ; it is better to get 10 points than allow the opponent to get 150.

4. Do not create long but low- points words. Check it in Scrabble dictionary first

Of course, the ability to create anagrams is extremely useful in Scrabble. Just that, at times, long words are not scored well. It is important to arrange them on bonuses – either letters or words. You should also remember that the longer the word, the easier is for the opponent to add more tiles. The best Scrabblists arrange 5-letters words worth even more than 100 points. That is an effective tactic!

5. Do not try to use as many tiles as possible

Beginner Scrabblists try to get rid of as many plates as possible right away without using Scrabble dictionary. This is a mistake – the game is not about finishing it quickly, but about gaining the most points. These cannot be accumulated at once. Sometimes, it is worth to save more useful letters for later. Or exchange them. Because so in professional parties or in traditional Scrabble games on web sites, often they exchange letters. If to learn, then from the best, isn’t the truth?

6. Don’t make up for losses right away

Even if, in theory, you are more skilled than you rival, it is not said at all, that you would get a point advantage. Often, in the initial stage of the game, gaining more points depends on total luck. Its worth remembering that the rules of the game were conceived so that ultimately the chance was of little importance. There is a very high probability that fate will smile at you sooner or later. If not, you can always play one more time again. And more and more and more! Its never too much of Scrabble!